QPC e-Newsletter No.20 / Aug 2009


ATM Encoded Cleaning Card
Suitable for
- All types of motorized ATM machines
- All card readers that accept a credit card through
a motorized system
Caution: Flammable Contains 99.7% Isopropy Alcohol
Package : Each box 10/pcs

Part # KWJCM-B3B15M
JCM Global International Card ( 76MM width )

This custom proprietary Waffletechnology design was developed to reach the optical lens, magnetic head and critical areas with in the WBA & UBA Bill Acceptors. This design incorporates a code to trigger the cleaning mode transporting the cleaning card at accurate speed and will automatically bypass components 3 times. This cleaning card will not show as a rejection. Cleaning mode only available in US Market.

The related photograph only
supplies the reference use

Suitable for

Gaming / Amusement
Retail / Kiosk
Parking / Transportation:

Bill Validator/ All Bank Note Bill accepting equipment found in Casino,
Vending, Amusement and other industries
Package : 15 Cleaning Cards per Box

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This cleaning card comes with directions, but to ensure 100% performance, we recommend the following 4 steps:

(1) Open pouch and remove the Dollar Bill Reader Cleaning Card

(2) Insert the cleaning card into your bill acceptor with the black strip entering first. The card will be accepted by the bill acceptor and then rejected. Repeat this process for a total of 3 times. This will effectively loosen any caked-on dirt

(3) Insert the card as you did in step 2, but this time once the card is half way in, hold onto the card for a second and then release. This will cause the belts and rollers to momentarily spin on top of the card to remove the loosened dirt. Repeat this process for a total of 3 times.

(4) Allow the cleaning card to dry, and insert the dry card into your bill acceptor 3 times to dry any moisture left by the cleaning process.

Note: If after completing step 3 the card is completely soiled, repeat the entire process with a new card.