QPC e-Newsletter No.16 / Apr 2009

Part # KWCAN-C1B15WS

Canon CR25, CR55 and CR180 Check Transports
Cleaning Card

Suitable for
Canon CR-25, CR-55 and CR-180 Check Transport
Package : 15 Cards per Box

Part # HEB10
ATM Encoded Cleaning Card

Magnetic Card Reader Cleaning Card
These double sided pre-saturated Magnetic Card Reader Cleaning Cards are designed to safely remove all forms of dust, lint, magnetic oxides and other contaminants that build up on magnetic and optic reader heads. They safely and effectively clean all types of concealed magnetic heads, photo, and optic sensors on Card Reader mechanisms.
The main reason for Magnetic Card Reader failure is due to lack of maintenance. Depending on your machine’s environment and use, it may accumulate dirt and magnetic oxides that will eventually cause corrosion and Reader failure. Avoid costly repairs and frustrated customers. Keep your Magnetic Card Reader performing like new. These double sided Magnetic Card Reader Cleaning Cards are safe, easy and effective.

The related photograph only
supplies the reference use

Suitable for
- All types of motorized ATM machines
- All card readers that accept a credit card through a motorized system

Caution: Flammable Contains 99.7% Isopropy Alcohol

Package : Each box 10ps

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1) Open pouch and remove the Magnetic Card Reader Cleaning Card.

(2) Insert or swipe the Magnetic Card Reader Cleaning Card into your Card Reader 5-6 times just like you would a regular credit card.

(3) Remove the cleaning card from the Reader and allow a few seconds to dry.

(4) Reinsert or swipe the cleaning card 5-6 times to remove stubborn contaminants

(5) Remove the Magnetic Card Reader Cleaning Card from the Reader and throw away.

Note: If after completing step 2 the card is completely soiled, repeat the entire process with a new card.
We recommend performing this maintenance every week on outdoor equipment and every 2 weeks on indoor equipment, but this time frame may need to be changed depending on your Reader’s usage and environment.